Summit Avenue Cooperative

Established 1970 - Madison, WI

Affordable Housing

Summit Avenue Cooperative is an independent housing cooperative of 16-17 resident members in Madison, WI. As an independent cooperative, we rely on members for all aspects of house operations, big and small. Members have a direct voice in house decision making and our community. We enjoy house dinners together Sunday - Thursday at 6pm, vegetarian option included! People of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and beliefs are encouraged to contact us to learn more about our community and apply for membership.

Our house is a 1920's mansion at the summit of a hill in a historic residential neighborhood just west of Camp Randall Stadium. We have a large yard with bountiful vegetation and ample off-street parking. Some of our house amenities include hardwood floors, public computer, functional wood-burning fireplace, cable TV, landline phones, industrial oven & stove, washer & dryer, upright piano, and large sunroom where guests may stay.

Summit in the summer on a sunny day
Summit in the summer
Summit in the fall on a sunny day
Summit in the fall
Street view in the winter of arched entry set in large retaining wall
Street view in the winter
A full rainbow arches over Summit
Somewhere over the Summit
Summit's living room with fireplace, couches, house computer
Our living room
Summit's long dining room table and bulk stock items
Our dining room